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The Colonization 2 Project's goal is to create a freeware sequel to Sid Meier's Colonization. We are creating a game that will combine the spirit of the original Colonization with some new aspects that appeared in later (TBS-) games to make a game that is more complex yet just as addictive as the original Colonization.


  • Multiplayer "hot seat" game mode.
  • Longer game, including post-revolution management of your nation.
  • More player options, including higher customization of your colonies and loyal playing.
  • New complex and realistic Founding Fathers' system.
  • Brand new graphics, including civ2-style perspective maps and directional units.
  • New combat system, more complex but keeping the "click and drag" units creation system.
  • More interaction with NATIVES. Options go from ignoring them to integrate them in your colonies.
  • New resources and products: GOLD, JEWELRY, RIFLES,...
  • New terrain tiles, including MAJOR and MINOR RIVERS.

Important Links

The official coltoo webpage can be find here.
The project forum can be found here.

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