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Can be bought and traded for in Africa. This means when ever a ship sails off the map the Player will be asked where they want the ship to go. (Perhaps we can have the Home Country be the default port and a ship will only go to Africa if the Player uses the Orders Menu to select that as a destination.) Slave possiblities:

  • Slaves require less food, but produce more. (There will be certain skills from which Slaves will be barred. Statesmen, Missionaries, Editors, Soldiers, etc.)
  • Slave units may possibly have a ‘life span’.
  • Slave units may possibly revolt in colonies without military units.
  • Slaves can be freed (or escape). Freed Slaves will either disappear from the game (went home to Africa or joined a native tribe), move off and found or join a Squatter Colony. Defect to another Power with less or no Slave units. Or, may remain with the Player as a Freed Slave. (The more of these units the Player has will increase this possibility.) Freed Slaves will also have certain restriction placed on them, similar to Converts.

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