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A colonist equipped with X food, X lumber, and X tools (may require a Wagon or Ship to hold these items) can build a Colony. The amount of time needed may depend on terrain.


A colony can be built in any non-water square excepting Mountain Crest squares. When founding a colony the Player will have to make a few preliminary decisions. These may include: Having the Settler Clear and Plow the Colony Square (the square that actually contains the colony, not the entire colony radius). The type of Colony. This can be either Basic or Advanced or something in between. A Basic Colony has only the bare minimum of Buildings (level 1), the Advanced colony includes all of the level 1 buildings. (The player can also have the option of buying specific buildings to include in the colony.) If the Settler has sufficient Food, Tools, etc. then an Advanced Colony can be built for free but will require a longer amount of time. If the Colony is a Basic one; the Player can (possibly) chose the type of ‘House’ to include. (Fur Trader’s House, Weaver’s House, etc.)


Certain coastal squares will be designated Ports. These will come in different levels. All coastal squares will be considered to have the bare minimum of Port capabilities. These will include the ability to operate Fishing Vessels (after a Dock is built), Load and Unload small cargo ships (Caravels, Sloops). A Class 2 Port will be able to handle larger ships (Merchantman, Frigates). Colonies adjacent to a Class 2 Port will also be able to build a Dry-dock. Class 3 Ports will be able to handle all ships and allow the building of a Shipyard. (We may also want to put a limit on the number of ships a port can contain at one time. Such as a Class 1a Port can only hold 1 ship at a time. A Class 3c can hold 3. And a Class 2d can hold an unlimited number of ships, but only of a certain size. Ports do NOT apply to Lakes.


Every turn a random number will be generated. This will determine whether or not a Disaster will occur. These can range from minor to major, and affect a single colony, all your colonies, or a portion of the map. They can also be one time events, or extend over a number of years. (Perhaps we can also include Bonus events to partially offset these Disasters.)

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